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Piano Lessons Singapore

Piano lessons in Singapore are very popular as the piano is the ideal first musical instrument to learn. It offers strong theory music foundation for learning all other instruments later. Most professional musicians are able to play the piano and at least one other music instrument like the guitar, violin, drums etc…

Some of our music teachers can play and teach at least 2 instruments, for example, piano and keyboard, piano and violin, piano and guitar, guitar and ukulele, violin and cello, guitar and drums, piano and guzheng, flute and saxophone.
A few extremely gifted and talented teachers can even teach 3 or more instruments, for example, piano and violin and guitar, violin and guitar and ukulele, piano and guitar and drums.

The piano is also one of the easiest musical instrument to learn and lessons start from 2.5 years old. Children and adults can quickly learn to play the piano by ear without learning to read musical scores if they are learning for leisure. Hence you can learn to play you favorite songs very quickly. Some of our piano teachers specialize in teaching to play a simple song at each lesson. This helps keep interest alive as its easier to practice to a tune you know and like. The motivation level for students is therefore very high and they look forward to each lesson eagerly.

When you learn to play the piano by taking both theory and practical lessons, you can prepare to take the ABRSM piano exams. After you start your beginner piano lessons in Singapore, your piano teacher can help you through the stages
to be able to sit for your Grade 1 piano exams and hence get your Grade 1 piano certification. With diligent practice, you can achieve the highest ABRSM Grade 8 and register with us as a piano teacher :)

Once you have succeeded in getting your Grade 8 certification, if you would like to take up music professionally, you can take up diploma in piano courses with Trinity or Laselle. Thereafter you can move on to advance diplomas, degree in music performance, masters in music etc… One of the best way to excel is to get yourself a renown mentor. Many of our teachers have famous mentors. They studied with Internationally famous musicians and teachers from all over the world.
This is why our top teachers are able to prepare students for music school entrance exams and MEP, gifted music programmes, International performances and International competitions with close to 100% success rates. When you take up piano lessons in Singapore, you open a world of opportunities to make your play piano music dream come true, to have piano certifications, to have a higher chance of being selected for youth exchange programmes, to play with your Church choir, to join a band, to perform for family events like birthdays and weddings, to serenade to a loved one, to join competitions and have a chance to win prizes and recognition, to have beautiful music fill your home with peace, joy, happiness. Investing in piano lessons in Singapore is rewarding.

Piano Teachers

Good piano teachers in Singapore are great professional music teachers with a variety of training, extensive music experience background and have achieved the highest skill level. They can be certified or non-certified. Our teachers either have had formal training, from a school designated for musical training, or had training from a teacher and has pursued and developed their skills to become proficient in their field.

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